Sunday, 14 September 2014

Cambridge English Exams 2014 Starters, Movers, KETs, PETs and FCEs

On  Tuesday September the 2nd  we visited the Ambassador of the Great Britain Mr Chris Holtby. It  wasn't an ordinary visit. It was the receiving of our Cambridge English Tests Certificates .
In the beginning there was a ceremony where the exam co-ordinator Mrs. Kaarin Truus and the  ambassador gave us our certificates. After that we had a short concert where our youngest students played the piano and  one girl even sang. A magician was also invited to the ceremony. He showed us some really interesting tricks. The kids were delighted. We had a short photo shoot, as well.
In conclusion we had a very tasty cake with orange juice and tea. We also were allowed to walk around the first floor of the ambassador's residence. Everyone enjoyed themselves.
The whole ceremony was very interesting and beautifully arranged and we are really looking forward to meet HMA Mr Chris Holtby  again.

 written by Alina Kolesnikova

On Tuesday the 2nd of September we all were invited to HMA Mr. Chris Holby’s residence  to get our certificates with good grades, of course. I visited it for the 3rd time in my life. Every year more and more young learners join us at this ceremony, and I'm glad that so many children learn English. Later on we had a guest, the illusionist. Children we're so happy and amused! The we're clapping and shouting. It was really cool indeed. Children also showed us their talents. I have to say, they are pretty good at music. After posing for a photos and clapping we proceeded to the next part – the cake! I really enjoyed it since it was with my favourite berries. At the end of the ceremony some of us had a talk with the ambassador, he is friendly and cheerful person. I had a great time and ready to study on!

written by Lina Ersdorff

To have a semi-formal meeting with Brittish ambassador in his residence
sounds like something impossible for many people, however, not for us.
It was a predictably nice event which perked me up since the very
beginning. The atmosphere was so pleasant and the people were so friendly
and cheerful that I really felt like being surrounded with old friends.
The first part when ambassador gave us the diplomas was more official, but
the second part was like a school party after which we had an absolutely
fantastic cake. It is the amazing thing that we have an opportunity to
spend time like that.
written by Valeria Goffert

Dear Ami,
I haven't seen you for such a long time and I have so much to tell you!
I'm glad to say that I have got my Preliminary English Test Certificate and
I have been awarded Pass with Merit. The official ceremony was held in the
Residence of the British ambadassor. I was there for the first time and I
was very impressed. Everything was so gorgeous! Children made a
performance, a magician showed us some magic tricks and we also ate a tasty
I miss you so much and I wish you were here.

Dear Ami,
I haven't heard from you for a long time. How are you? I hope everything is fine.
I would like to tell you about our visit to the residence of the British ambassador. It was my first time there, so I was really impressed. Everything was very nice and finally we got our Cambridge Certificates.  Mrs. Kaarin Truus gave them to us and the  HMA Mr Chris Holtby t congratulated . Kids made a performance and we also watched a magic show. At the end of our visit we ate a very tasty cake. It's a pity, that you weren't there with us.
Lots of love,